Born to Love Workshop

From Love, into Love, to be Love, and to Love one another.

We all do loving things and act in loving ways.

We love the experience of being at the effect of love as well as acting in a loving manner toward the object of our affection.

We are familiar with the experience of love, but we pay less attention to our relationship to the entity that has such a profound influence on our lives.

Gaining deeper insights into our relationship with love itself and cultivating that relationship, enhances our ability to access and express love in our daily lives.

BORN TO LOVE is about immersing yourself in the experience of love.

The workshop is designed for you to experience yourself in a way that you have never experienced yourself before.
You will experience both the patterns that pull you out of the experience of love, and the powerful connection you have to life, when you are present to love.

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Liana Chaouli & Jack Rafferty invite you to BORN TO LOVE

2-Day Experiential In-Person Workshop in Beverly Hills, CA on

Saturday, October 15, 2022, from 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM PST


Sunday, October 16, 2022, from 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM PST

BORN TO LOVE is a two-day experiential workshop about your relationship with yourself,

your loved ones, your friends, and whatever you have your attention on.

The workshop focuses on your capacity to be in the presence of love as a way of being.
We are committed to creating a safe, loving space for this to occur.

Jack's View

My work has followed the trajectory of my life, which is leading with love.

When my dear friend Maggie Weiss told me she had a friend I had to meet because she had a vision that we were meant to do something together, little did I know that trajectory would get a rocket booster.

Liana is more than part of my tribe, a kindred spirit, a soul mate. Liana is a sweet, kind, bold, and expressive stand for love and loving relationships. You know what caring means when you are in her presence. Liana is the best example of everything I can say about being present to love.

Liana, I will enjoy watching you do your magic with those who jump aboard.

I cherish our co-creative mentorship, I honor our transformational connection and we all get to watch it unfold.

Liana's View

The universe is always conspiring in my favor!

One of my favorite quotes and meeting Jack Rafferty is evidence. Thank you Maggie Weiss for following your wise intuition, for bringing us together, and for being a container of LOVE.

Jack is a genteel soul and a force of empowerment onto all whose lives he touches. His commitment to BEING love, his clarity on how to develop our intimacy, his willingness to shine light into the veiled spaces of our connections to one another … all of this and more are the remarkable gifts he shares with us.

Dear Jack, I’m humbled to join you on this magical journey, honored to be sharing, and most of all delighted to facilitate our passion for the love of living to all those who are willing.

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